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For a loving tribute in Llanelli choose Tumble Memorials

Tumble Memorials offer a personal, professional and sympathetic service. When you lose a loved one, you need support of those around you.  Everything has to be perfect and that's what we aim to deliver. Contact us today.

Headstones, over time, suffer wear and tear from the elements, which can leave your loved one's grave looking untidy as the stone or marble can become pitted and worn by the elements. Based in Llanelli, Wales, Tumble Memorials offers a complete memorial restoration service to restore your loved one's memorial back to looking its very best.

Professional memorial restoration

Some cemeteries have been known to advise that they are going to remove a headstone as it could pose a danger due to erosion by the elements. Before you replace your headstone, contact Tumble Memorials, our restoration service may be able to help. With our restoration service, you will get to keep your loved one's original headstone and we will return it to its original condition where possible. We also offer a cleaning service to help in its general maintenance.

Before replacing your headstone

You can also benefit from the following additional headstone restoration services:

• Renovation and cleaning

• Re-gilding

• Re-lettering

Welsh speaking service available

Our headstone restoration services:

Headstone restoration in Llanelli, Wales

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